Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Mottsteins are Moving!

Some of you have already heard, but we're moving this summer!! We looked for houses around Saluzzo for almost 2 years and didn't find anything that we liked at all, so we decided to change towns (which is a really big deal here in Italy) and we're moving back to Savigliano. We're very lucky to be able to take over and renovate Fabri's parents' house; the house he and his sisters grew up in; the house where we lived for 2 months after we were married; this house:

We'll be doing a little work inside. Opening up the main floor to reflect a more modern floor plan, changing the doors and a complete overhaul of the kitchen and bathrooms, well 1 kitchen and 4 bathrooms. That's right, it's a BIG house with more than one kitchen and more than 4 bathrooms. That means more places for me to dust! It also means lots of space for house guests!! My parents have already booked their travel, have you started looking?

Here are a few before pictures and I'll post more photos as the work continues.

Fireplace in main living area
Living/Dining Room

Master Bath

Kids' Bathroom


I'm most excited to have a yard for the Olney pup and the kiddo to play in and for me to garden in. I'm also really, really happy to have guest rooms again. Lastly, it will be great to simply have more space so that I don't have to tiptoe in the kitchen when Giulio's asleep because the kitchen and his bedroom are connected here in Saluzzo.


Carolyn said...

The house is already so nice, but it looks like you're going to be very busy making it and the garden just how you want them! Can't wait to see some after pics!

Lisa Johnson said...

How lovely! Sounds like you have some great plans and lots of excitement. Happy for you all!

Jess said...

When we're done it will be more modern than rustic and I can't wait!!