Thursday, April 24, 2014

March Trip to Florida

 We spent a lovely birthday week in Orlando in March! Dad rented a nice house on the water and we all stayed there together celebrating Laura's 30th, Dad's 60th and Giulio's second birthdays! That's a lot of cake!!

We went to the beach.

That's Giulio calling like a seagull to the left and us playing in the waves below. I very wisely didn't put Giulio is his swimsuit for that trip thinking it would be too cold to play in the water...


The guys did some fishing and some kayaking. 

We ate a lot of seafood and saw a Nationals' preseason baseball game.

And for Giulio's birthday we went to Disney World!!

Oh, and did I mention that dolphins and manatees swam by our dock every day?

Space Coast Stadium

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